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Photography: Marcos Cebrián
San Juan (Puerto Rico)  - 1991


Muralist and painter 

Ekosaurio is a Puerto Rican artist who starting doing graffiti at the age of 15 . Interested in art and design, he completed a degree on Environmental Design (BArch). Despite not having received painting or drawing education, Ekosaurio considers himself a completely self-taught artist. It was in 2015 when he began creating public murals, in the capital of Puerto Rico.

In 2016 he moved to Barcelona to continue his master studies on design (MDes) and has worked in many different disciplines including graffiti, graphic design, architecture, and furniture designHis inspiration is found in nature through color. His muse is flora and the "understanding of the intelligence of plants." He wants to communicate a modern urban landscape that reflects energy and life to the space. The resources of color, contrast and organic forms are key points on his creations to generate sensations and imaginaries that allude to happiness.


Screen Shot 2022-10-28 at 5.43.56 PM.png

Festivals & Exhibitions.


Group Exhibition / Affordable Art Fair - Singapore.

Muralist / Waterwall - Barcelona, ESP.

Group Exhibition / Surface Festival - Queensland, AUS.

Muralist / Paseo de las artes -  Rio Piedras, PR.

Muralist / Gargar Festival - Penelles, ESP.



Muralist / Asalto Festival. Zaragoza, ESP.

Estructuras Volátiles - Group Exhibition / Montana Gallery Barcelona, ESP.

Muralist/ White Summer Festival. Pals, Girona, ESP.

Muralist/ (WAC) Windows Art Circuit / Hilton Diagonal Mar. Barcelona, ESP.

Guest Artist on Wild Life Jam / Wallspot. Barcelona, ESP.

Muralist  / Arnau Gallery. Barcelona, ESP.



"Color y Flora"  First solo exhibition.

  33/45 Bar & Gallery.   Barcelona, ESP.




Muralist / Pinta Malasaña  / Madrid, ESP.

Muralist / C.A.L.L.E Lavapies /  Madrid, ESP.


Muralist / Humacao Grita  / Humacao, PR.

Muralist / Pintando el Sur (Cultura Inquieta) / Getafe, ESP.

Muralist / (WAC)Windows Art Circuit / Barcelona, ESP



Muralist / (WAC) Windows Art Circuit / Barcelona, ESP

Muralist / Pinta Malasaña / Madrid, ESP

Muralist / Nitrato de Chile / Valencia, ESP

Interviews & Press 

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